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Complement and production of shields, wiring, development of electrical circuits

Complement and production of shields

Complement and production of shields

Our main business is the manufacture of low-voltage electroshields equipment.

At present, we have experience in the manufacture of complex projects RU-0.4 with automatic transfer switch, for the manufacture of non-standard metal boards of electroshields.

Electric installation work

Electric installation work

Performs related wiring, associated with the installation, connection and commissioning of electroshields under the License.

We are engaged in the installation of cable lines, carry out repair and reconstruction of transformer substations.

Our advantages

Our advantages

The main advantage of our company in the market of low-voltage electroshield equipment is quite democratic price policy.

Ability to perform urgent orders (assembly of shields for 1-2 days). Flexible working hours.

Production of non-standard boards for electric shields.


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News of production

The company's staff

Our installers have years of experience and the relevant group of electrical admittance.

«Elektroschit Komplekt»: staff

Our team

Our shields

ООО «Elektroschit Komplekt» specializes in the manufacture and assembly of shields

Фотогалерея об'єктів

Gallery of shields

Quality assurance

Performing a new order, we offer a guarantee on products for a period of 1-3 years

Гарантия качества

Quality and reliability

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